Month: November 2017

Searching for a business grant from the government?

Article source –   Why not start with’s new grant categories search!   Last updated: 17 November 2017 Read More

Personalised perfection

When anyone is handed a complex problem, we want to reach that ‘aha moment’ to solve it and move on Read More

Comparative table of different business structures

This chart is intended to provide a quick reference to factors considered relevant in the selection of trading and investment Read More

Roy Morgan Image of Professions Survey 2017

Health professionals continue domination with Nurses most highly regarded again; followed by Doctors and Pharmacists    June 07 2017 Finding Read More

Deductions for investors and landlords

A person who derives investment income, such as rents, dividends or interest, can deduct expenditure incurred in connection with the Read More

Stamp duty and land tax on rental property

When a taxpayer purchases a rental property, she/he will incur various “transaction taxes”. The precise nature and level of these Read More