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When anyone is handed a complex problem, we want to reach that ‘aha moment’ to solve it and move on soon as possible. In Joel’s case of co-founding his bespoke art business, he needed a personal ‘tax artist’ to paint a clear picture of accountability.


In my opinion; Australia is a well respected ‘design savvy’ country. Our nation’s homes showcase some of the best interior designs, largely because we have developed an incredible eye for a beautiful looking home. To add to this beauty, I co-founded a bespoke art business named ‘Parke’.


Being an Australian Artist I realise every home design lover has their own unique look, and we made about creating authentic wall art for those interior lovers. Specialising in digital contemporary wall art, each piece is exclusively made for one client and never offered to anyone else. Basically, we identify what our client’s unique tastes are, and create wall art that compliments their space and personality. It’s important that our clients feel special, and we do this by making something that no-one else has. I like to call this process; personalised perfection.


My wife and Co-Founder Sona takes care of the project management side of things, keeping the printing and framing local in Australia to be more cost-effective. A large focus is using trusted fine art printers and framers who communicate well and deliver premium quality.


Setting up a business from scratch is both exciting and challenging, especially living abroad. Currently, we’re based in the Czech Republic, and I had to find out what my tax residency was in order to serve the Australian market. Confirming my tax residency was not as straight forward as I thought it would be. I had to find an agent who really understood our situation and could offer advice for a reasonable price. I needed to know my safety nets were in place before I offered our services to Australia, and that meant asking a LOT of questions.


After searching online I reached Thompsons Australia and contacted Greg Thompson. I had many, many questions for Greg and his co-worker Marietta, they gave precise answers so I knew exactly where I stood. I would highly recommend Thompsons Australia, my tax situation was complex, but they made it simple and for an attractive price. I liked that they knew their ‘speciality’, and it gave me peace of mind knowing I could focus on mine.


We believe art is an essential element to a stunning interior. If you share the same passion get in touch with Parke today for a free consultation on your truly exclusive art piece.


Find Parke at the following online locations-

instagram: @parkebespoke

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