Starting a business – What registrations apply to your business

Setting up your own business? Before you start, save yourself time and money by being aware of what’s involved in running a business.

Investing time into proper planning is key to turning your dreams into reality. Operating a small business is not just about working for yourself or working from home, it’s also about having the necessary management skills, industry expertise, technical skills, finance and of course a long-term vision to grow and succeed.


When you’re starting a new business, it’s important to find out what registrations apply to your business to ensure you’re complying with all relevant regulations.


Some key areas include:

  • Business or company registrations
  • Taxation registrations
  • Other registrations
  • Examples of business registrations


The Australian Tax Office have a range of fact sheets and support to assist in fulfilling the range of complaince registration.

Follow this link to the ATO web based videos and fact sheets. Should you require assistance with your business establishment or development contact the team at Thompsons Australia.

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