Top 4 weird tax time excuses

The ATO has published some of the weirder excuses it has heard for why the tax return was late or the taxpayer did not have supporting documents. Hopefully they will make you smile – some may even sound familiar (who hasn’t misplaced a document).

1. Someone’s stolen my pants

One taxpayer had a thief break into their car and walk off with their uniform pants. Unfortunately, the taxpayer had kept their receipt in his pocket and couldn’t provide a record of their purchase.

The ATO recommends taxpayers keep digital records of all claims you intend to make. When you only keep physical receipts, you run a real risk of losing all evidence of your purchases.

2. A mouse ate my receipts

The most common problem that the ATO keeps seeing excuses for is missing receipts. One taxpayer contended that a mouse had broken into their car and eaten their receipts.

In cases where you’ve lost your receipt, check with the seller to see if they have a record of your transaction.

3. The car wash did it

Leaving receipts in cars seems to frequently cause taxpayers strife. The ATO heard from one taxpayer, who, while trying to get their car squeaky clean, vanished all traces of their purchase.

The ATO advises you to close the windows when you’re going through a car wash.

4. I’ve got ‘holiday brain’

One reason for late lodgment was that a taxpayer had gotten ‘holiday brain’ after returning from a trip and had forgotten to lodge their tax return.

The ATO knows that preparing your tax return may not be the most exciting date on your calendar, but it is an important one, and it may even result in you receiving a refund that you can put towards your next holiday.

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