About us

Thompsons Australia have been providing comprehensive accounting solutions to international and local clients for more than 30 years.

We believe that fully understanding our clients’ personal and business objectives is vital to being able to deliver services that will assist in achieving them.

Our mission guides, our goals and our values underpin the way we set about achieving them.


To provide effective, quality accounting solutions, empowering our clients to make sound strategic, business and financial decisions and efficiently manage their compliance burden.

We will do this by:

  • Building relationships with our clients that allow us to understand their personal and business goals; and
  • Ensuring that our staff maintain high standards of knowledge in their specialisations through continued development.


We have a core set of values that help guide us to provide the best service to our clients, and these are:

  • Professional and ethical behaviour
  • A balanced approach to our work
  • Proactivity and initiative
  • Service excellence, with a view particularly to efficiency, accuracy and cost effectiveness
  • An environment of trust built on open communication and respect for all
  • Ongoing personal development
  • Commitment to teamwork
  • Loyalty and longevity in our relationships