Key tax dates

Date Obligation
21 June 2020*    May monthly BAS due
30 June 2020    Super guarantee contributions must be paid by this date to qualify for a tax deduction in 2019-2020
14 July 2020 Issue PAYG payment summaries if not reporting through STP
21 July 2020 June 2020 BAS due
28 July 2020 Lodge and pay June 2020 quarterly BAS

Pay June 2020 quarterly PAYG instalment

Employee super guarantee contributions due

June quarter SG due

31 July 2020 Finalisation declaration due if reporting through STP
1 Aug 2020* Fuel tax credit rates change
14 Aug 2020 July monthly BAS due

PAYG withholding annual report due if not reporting through STP

28 Aug 2020 June quarter SG charge statement due

Taxable payments report due

7 Sep 2020 Deadline for application for super guarantee amnesty

*Next business day


Talk to your tax agent to confirm the correct due dates for your own tax obligations. For example, you may have more time to lodge and pay if impacted by bushfires or COVID-19.

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